Up to 80% of women suffer from pregnancy nausea during first few weeks !

Published: 08th January 2010
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Approximately seventy to eighty percentages of women suffer from pregnancy nausea during first few weeks. In spite of the fact that vomiting and nausea during the pregnancy are very common but still exact causes of pregnancy nausea is unknown. According to one of the theories, pregnancy nausea during first few weeks is due to the hormonal changes in the body. It is also possible that changes in the gastrointestinal system result in nausea during pregnancy. The stomach clears slowly during pregnancy due to hormones.

The pregnant woman mostly suffers from pregnancy nausea in the fourth and eighth week. The absolute majority of the pregnant women start to experience a big relief by fourteenth to sixteenth week. Scientifically, Pregnancy nausea is also famous as morning sickness. However, morning sickness can occur any time during the day.

According to the experts, pregnancy nausea during the first few weeks is not the bad indication. They say pregnancy nausea save the unborn child from any harm. Sometimes, nausea occurs when the pregnant women comes in contact to the aroma or taste of food that are full of toxins.

In addition to protecting the child, pregnancy nausea during first few weeks also protects the mother. The immune system of the women covers up when she conceives. The covering up helps the body to protect against the fetus tissues. When the pregnant woman consumes foods containing bacteria or parasites (unsafe), that her body is not able to provide defense this may help her to refuse these foods through vomiting and nausea. The vomiting and pregnancy nausea during first few weeks, do not harm the physical condition of mother and the unborn child. In some cases, the pregnant women do not gain weight during the initial trimester due to nausea but it is not harmful for the mother or her unborn child. As far as the mother is having the nutritious diet and keeps herself well hydrous, the child will grow healthily. Most of the women in pregnancy nausea during first few weeks regain her hunger and start gaining more weight but at the secure rate.

The duration for Pregnancy nausea during the first few, weeks are longer for the women who are pregnant for first time. The duration is even longer for the women who are going through a multiple birth pregnancy. Some pregnant women experience nausea at the end of initial trimester. Unfortunately, few pregnant women experience nausea during the whole pregnancy period. Generally, pregnant women manage the bitter effect of pregnancy nausea quite well.

In some cases, the health conditions of unborn child and mother both can be at risk. It increases the risk for women in giving premature birth to the child. Consult the experts and go through the proper medical treatment. The prescription can help the mother to maintain the healthy diet and remain well hydrous. As a result, it will raise the chances of mother giving birth to a healthy full-term child. Otherwise, it can badly affect the weight and size of the baby and lead to poor growth rate.

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