Pregnancy Nausea during third trimester is the most common occurrence.

Published: 08th January 2010
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During third trimester, the unborn child grows at very fast speed. In third trimester, the unborn child requires a high amount of nutrition. It includes the need for more iron, extra protein, and more calcium. Due to the baby's growth, the mother has to experience the group of symptoms that can end up in great uneasiness for her. Majority of the symptoms of late pregnancy are quite normal and do not danger the health of mother and unborn child. It assists the pregnant women to understand about what to anticipate during third trimester.

Pregnancy nausea during third trimester is the most common occurrence. It not only causes nausea but also results in heartburn. According to the experts, pregnancy nausea during third trimester is due to irregular hormone levels of the pregnant mother. Most pregnant women may go through nausea in initial trimester as well as third trimester. Pregnancy nausea during third trimester is mainly due to the baby's much pressure on mother's stomach.

Just like first trimester, it is general for pregnant women to feel tiredness throughout the third trimester. Several factors most likely add to this fatigue. The nutrition requirement and increasing size place an immense requirement on the mother's body. In addition, several women feel the tiredness and find it complex to sleep as they are in the third trimester. The pressure of unborn baby can continuously interrupt her sleep during the third trimester. The pregnant women may feel uncomfortable sleeping position due to the increase in baby's size.

The other symptom that takes place due to baby's growth is shortness of birth. Growth of fetus pressurizes women. It results in breathing problem for the pregnant mother. The growth of the baby also affects the posture, and results in back pain. Most pregnant women experience it more in the third trimester. Even now, experts are not quite sure about the exact cause of pregnancy nausea during third trimester.

The other side effects due to the speedy development of the fetus in the third trimester consist of constipation, spider veins, varicose veins, leg cramps and diarrhea. These indications are a usual part in the third trimester of pregnancy for numerous women. It can distress the expectant mother, but they are not a reason for fear. However, if at any time the pregnant mother has worries or hesitation about any warning sign that she is going through, it is forever best to discuss with health care provider.

Pregnancy nausea during third trimester is very common. It creates a great discomfort during third trimester. In order to prevent pregnancy nausea during third trimester try to avoid citrus fruits, sweet juices, fatty foods, fizzy drinks and spicy foods. Avoid large meals during the day. Try to eat small meals after every two hours and drink abundance of water. In fact, the main cause of pregnancy nausea during third trimester is the growth of unborn child. Your rising uterus pushes your stomach from its average position that results in the heartburn. If the heartburn is severe, seek an experts help. In addition to this, maintain a healthy diet. It will assist your child to grow healthier.

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eheiding on September 6, 2011 said:
Pregnancy nausea and vomiting usually ends on the 16th week of pregnancy. After a couple months of nausea and vomiting routine, we can all go back to our old selves again. This is good news for most of us women. Who would ever want to go through that same experience again? Unfortunately, there are cases when morning sickness recurs at the late stage of pregnancy.
Adrian Lawrence on September 6, 2011 said:
If you have any concerns during your pregnancy you should always check with your Doctor.
devan22 on September 6, 2011 said:
It is commonly believed that hormones play a large part in nausea during pregnancy. At the third trimester the hormones in a pregnant woman tend to balance a little. reducing or stopping nausea.
Older mum on January 27, 2013 said:
I wonder if age is a factor with Nausea? There are many risks involved in trying for a baby after 30, maybe this is also an issue.
Pregnancy diet on January 27, 2013 said:
What you eat during pregnancy can of course have an impact on how severe your feelings of nausea are.

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