Pregnancy nausea can start at any time during the day, not just in the morning!

Published: 08th January 2010
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Pregnancy nausea or morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy. Approximately eighty percent of pregnant women experience pregnancy nausea. Pregnancy nausea can start at any time during the day, not just in the morning. It can occur any time. Some pregnant women can go through pregnancy nausea during the first trimester and some may experience it at the end of the third trimester. Pregnancy nausea does not compromise on the health of the unborn child and mother. The degree of pregnancy nausea is different form person to person. Some may feel woozy, some may feel sick and you can even experience continuous vomiting.

Pregnancy nausea is the initial sign of pregnancy. The tenderness of breast is the initial sign of pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy nausea starts after that. Pregnancy nausea starts in the second week of pregnancy. The majority of the time it starts even in the sixth week of pregnancy. Nausea during pregnancy settles between thirteenth and fourteenth weeks of pregnancy. The other indications of pregnancy that accompanies nausea includes backache, frequent urination, breast swelling, breast tenderness, constipation, increase in sense of smell, excessive salivation, headache, food cravings and darkening of areola.

Fortunately, now knowledge about cures and causes of pregnancy nausea is available. When pregnancy nausea starts, women can be ready to deal with it. Pregnant women can handle can deal with the painful experience. With appropriate management of the indication, the pregnant women can bear the pregnancy nausea smoothly. The moment you become pregnant your life starts changing. Your body, for subsequent nine months will no longer be yours. You have to find the perfect way to share good and bad with each other.

Pregnancy nausea affects the majority of the pregnant women. You cannot ignore when the pregnancy nausea starts. The most important responsibility of the mother's task is to find a way to deal with nausea. As a pregnant woman, you can experience various changes in your body. Inform your expert about the various changes you are undergoing during pregnancy period. Each pregnant woman may undergo different changes and you should not deal with it without proper understanding.

Pregnancy nausea starts normally around sixth week of pregnancy. It lasts for approximately twelve weeks. You can go through the sign you already have an irresistible feeling of nausea. The pregnancy nausea usually comes with vomiting. Pregnant women are reaching diverse ways by unreliable stages of sensation. The pregnancy nausea starts when the women are showing some of these causes or indication: varying hormone levels, very less blood sugar, odor sensitivity and increase in bowel activity. You can make many symptoms can easier to bear with the support of your physician and normally with simple technique.

Various treatments are available to cure the pregnancy nausea. The most common treatments are saltine crackers, consuming lemons, bananas, consuming more small meals throughout the day and drinking ginger ale.

Once the pregnant woman realizes what exactly the pregnant nausea is, it becomes much easier to deal with it. Sleep is the most significant factor. Try to go to bed early and take at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

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